Environment Variable

Environment variables

Refresh interval

The refresh interval is an area we have greatly improved on since version 0.4.0. The hydroqc library now provides caching of the data fetched from the customer portal. This means we can increase the refresh interval of the sensors without querying Hydro-Québec each time. The main gain here is that we are able to set the refresh interval to every 60 seconds which greatly improve the reliability of the Winter Credit sensors and partly adress issue #5.

Variable Syntax Example Comment

MQTT configuration variables

Variable Syntax Example Comment
MQTT_USERNAME string hydroqcuser Optional
MQTT_PASSWORD string yourmqttpassword Optional
MQTT_HOST string yourmqttserver.tld Required
MQTT_PORT string '1883' Required make sure it is between ‘quotes’

Hydro-Quebec account variables

Variable Syntax Example Comment
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_NAME lowercase string maison Name of the contract, will appear in Home Assistant and in the hydroqc topics.
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_USERNAME string [email protected] Username for your HQ account
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_PASSWORD string 'Soleil123' Your HQ account password
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_CUSTOMER string '0987654321' Customer number (Numéro de client) from your invoice. 10 digits, you may need to add a leading 0 to the value Ex: ‘987 654 321’ will be ‘0987654321’
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_ACCOUNT string '654321987654' Account Number (Numéro de compte) from your invoice
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_CONTRACT string '0123456789' Contract Number (Numéro de contrat) from your invoice. 10 digits, you may need to add a leading 0 to the value. Ex: ‘123 456 789’ will be ‘0123456789’
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_PREHEAT_DURATION_MINUTES string '180' Duration of the pre-heat period’
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_RATE string 'D' Code de votre tarif au contrat
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_RATE_OPTION string 'CPC' Rate option for the contract must be 'NONE' if you do not have one.

Home-Assistant specific variables

Variable Syntax Example Comment
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_SYNC_HOURLY_CONSUMPTION_ENABLED string "true" Enable importing hourly consumption from Hydro-Quebec (last 24h)
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_HOME_ASSISTANT_WEBSOCKET_URL string http://home-assistant:8123/api/websocket URL to your Home-Assistant installation websocket API
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_HOME_ASSISTANT_TOKEN string dqwdq23dqwd34q234dr Long-lived Home-Assistant access token to be used to access the API

Multiple contracts

Account variables are configurable as an array which allows you to have more than one contract synced by the integration. You simply have to create new variable by incrementing the contract number.

HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_NAME='maison' \
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_0_USERNAME='[email protected]'

HQ2M_CONTRACTS_1_NAME='chalet' \
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_1_USERNAME='[email protected]'

HQ2M_CONTRACTS_2_NAME='triplex' \
HQ2M_CONTRACTS_2_USERNAME='[email protected]'