Overview of the project

Origin of the project

This project was created to provide a way to access Hydro-Québec account and winter credit data in Home-Assistant.

What information can be retrieved from my account?

  • General account data (billing period projection, current balance, current billing period consumption, and many more )

  • Hourly Consumption can be sent to Home-Assitant to be used with the Energy Dashboard

  • Winter credit signals are retrieved and can be used to trigger automations

What are the various components?

HydroQC python library

The hydroqc python library is at the base of the project and handle all calls to Hydro-Quebec customer portal.


This module use the hydroqc library to fetch all pertinent account information and winter credit signals to be sent to MQTT. It also provide Home-Assistant discovery topics to create all the relevant sensors in Home-Assistant.

It also includes a separate logic that sends the hourly consumption statistics to Home-Assitant via websocket

Home-Assistant addon

The Home-Assistant addon wraps the hydroqc2mqtt daemon in a nice package to be used in Home-Assistant

Supported Rates

Rates supported by the Hydroqc library.