Diagnostic tool

Extraction of account data with the diagnostic tool.

Diagnostic tool

The Hydroqc library includes a diagnostic tool to recover all the available data from your Hydro-Québec account in a format allowing us to investigate specific problems.


At first you must install the hydroqc library in a virtual environment Python.

mkdir hydroqc
cd hydroqc
python3 -m venv env
. env/bin/activate
pip install Hydro-Quebec-API-Wrapper


Once installed you can use the following command to generate the folder and diagnostic files. A folder will be created automatically with all the information that the library is able to fetch on the Hydro-Québec portal for the specified account.

hydroqc-diag -u [email protected] -p Soleil123 -c NoClient -a NoCompte -C NoContrat

For more information on available options you can run hydroqc-diag -h

Traitement et partage des données

To share files with developers we will suggest using the https://privatebin.net tool which allows data sharing in a safe manner.